WTA Cross-chain Swap Announcement

2 min readMar 16


Currently, $WTA tokens run on two blockchains: in WTC staking, WTA is generated on Waltonchain mainnet, while in dual mining using KIRINMINER, WTA is generated on WTA Smart Chain, respectively.

The token about to be listed on P2PB2B runs on WTA Smart Chain. We ask all holders of WTA running on Waltonchain mainnet to be careful and not to send their WTA directly to P2PB2B for trading. Sending the wrong token will result in the inability to trade and recover the tokens.

In the test version of the decentralized Waltonchain Wallet to be released at 9 AM UTC on March 17, 2023, WTA cross-chain swap will be added. Please see the respective interface below:

Waltonchain Wallet for Android:


  1. After the installation and importing the address, go to Assets — Select Chain — WTC — choose WTA;

2. Tap “Swap”;

3. Enter the WTA amount to swap and confirm.

Please note that WTA cross-chain swaps will be processed every Tuesday and Friday.

Walton Chain Foundation

March 16, 2023





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