Waltonchain $WTA Cross-chain Swap Airdrop

2 min readJul 3, 2023


Dear WTC & WTA Holders,

Currently, $WTA tokens run on two blockchains: Waltonchain and WTA Smart Chain. In the test version of the decentralized Waltonchain Wallet released on March 17, 2023, WTA cross-chain swap was added, allowing users to swap WTA between the two chains.

In the new version of the decentralized Waltonchain Wallet to be available starting July 7th , 2023, the WTA swap mechanism will be changed from periodic (Tuesdays & Fridays) to automatic real-time swaps.

Walton Chain Foundation would like to increase the number of cross-chain swap users and hereby announces an airdrop. To join the airdrop, users need to:

1. Follow @Waltonchain on Twitter and retweet the airdrop tweet;

2. Join https://t.me/waltonchain_en on Telegram, send a message about WTA, and get a like from the admins;

3. Fill out the form and provide feedback here: https://forms.gle/nkcUjfV3E3tpeEsi7

4. The swap rundown:

Download Waltonchain Wallet: https://www.waltonchain.org/#/en/wtc/wallet

Send $WTC to it

Stake $WTC and get $WTA

Use the WTC-WTA Swap

Please note:

1. Waltonchain Team and our community admins will not contact you first in private messages/email regarding any information of your assets. Please stay alert to fraud/scam attempts!

2. The airdrop date and results will be announced later. Waltonchain reserves the right to final interpretation of this event;

3. For any inquiries, please contact Waltonchain Team:

Walton Chain Foundation

July 3, 2023