Waltonchain Won the 2018 Outstanding Blockchain Company Award

of the 1st Summit Forum of Blockchain in Southeast Asia

On Jan. 19, 2018, the opening ceremony of the 1st Summit Forum of Blockchain in Southeast Asia, which was themed as “Drive Innovation · Link to the Future”, was held in Bangkok, Thailand. We are proud to say that Waltonchain was invited to the summit as the winner of the 2018 Outstanding Blockchain Company award.

The Summit venue

This Summit Forum is fully supported by the Government and the business community of the Kingdom of Thailand. Wang Hongbin, the Chairman of the World One Belt One Road Initiative Foundation, Phongthep Thepkanjana, the Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Alongkorn Ponlaboot, the Vice President of the National Assembly of Thailand, Sunn. Janpnu, the Consultant of the Prime Minister of Thailand State Council, and Dato’ Jojie Samuel, the Ambassador of Malaysia to the Kingdom of Thailand, together with more than 2000 representatives of organizations from ASEAN countries, leading international blockchain technology institutions and high-level enterprises have gathered here.

Radm. Santi Boonnuch, Admiral of the Royal Navy of Thailand, gives the opening speech

There are many hot topics, such as blockchain industry related policy, application innovation, technological innovation, and investment environment. There are also many other vital questions that will be discussed during the Summit. This event will be the pacesetter of the cryptocurrency industry and policy development in Southeast Asian countries.

Prince Supridee Pravitra and Waltonchain representative Chen Junyue

The aim of the special award given at the Summit Forum is to acknowledge the enterprises that have made significant breakthroughs in the field of blockchain and whose contribution to the industry was outstanding in 2017. The 2018 Outstanding Blockchain Company award that was given to Waltonchain is not only the acknowledgement of the company’s achievements in Southeast Asia; but the Summit has also laid a solid foundation for our development in the region.

The “2018 Outstanding Blockchain Company” award given to Waltonchain

2018 will be the year of real-world application for the Waltonchain technology. The Waltonchain team has been accelerating the progress of the R&D work and is actively seeking global partners. During the Summit, we hope to communicate with the blockchain industry elites, gather intellectual resources and join efforts to promote the application innovation that is blockchain technology. We change the world with technology for a better future.



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