Waltonchain Beta Release AMA Part 2

Q: When will you update the website?
A: We will launch our new website by the end of February 2018.

Industrial & Technical questions:

Q: (a) How WTC is planning to sustain its first mover advantage?

(b) Was it not the case that WTC had patents & a working product before ICO, if so, what are the potential demonstrations of the technology that we might see in the coming weeks?

(c) From a blockchain perspective, what is the current benefit WTC’s technology provides to distribution, as opposed to before implementation?

A: We have finished the development of our RFID system in which the demo has been implemented into clothing enterprises such as Kaltendin. In the near future, our technology will be applied to retail, logistics, supply chain management, agriculture and so on.

We have submitted 7 patents before ICO, including two international patents. We are also applying for 6 more patents at the moment.

From the blockchain perspective, the development of the sub-chains will contribute to the WTC’s parent chain value increase.

Company strategy questions:

Q: When main net is live, will we be able to see our seniority level in the wallet?
A: Yes, we will continue to optimize the functionality and interface of the wallet. We will also work with world-class UI/UX design companies to achieve a good user experience.

Q: When will we be able to receive Masternode rewards?
A: Our goal is to have Masternode rewards available in Q1 2018.

Q: Will these subchains hold ICOs?
A: Some of the subchains will hold ICOs, but not all of them. More information will be released as this information becomes available.

Q: Do you expect the 1st year rewards for a Waltonchain Masternode to outperform the 1st year rewards of a Dash Masternode?
A: Waltonchain will always be worth investing in, even after the first year. We will design and calculate our reward algorithm carefully as to not disappoint people.

Our GMNs play an important role in supporting the safe operation of the parent chain. We will have a certain amount of rewards, accordingly. It will be not less than Dash’s first year Masternodes rewards.

Q: Is there a way to share some of the code publicly on Github at this time? It holds back many investors.

A: At this current time, we cannot share more of the Github code publicly due to security reasons. In the future, we will update codes on Github for more public visibility, and will announce a specific timeline regarding the release. Please continue to follow the updates on our official website.

Marketing related questions:

Q: What are marketing plans of Waltonchain?

A: We have plans in the below fields:

Market: Plan to develop the Japanese and Russian market and deploy marketing teams, respectively.

Team: Adjust our marketing strategies to better engage in our Western marketing front and expand our professional team.

Media: Increase brand exposure through domestic and foreign media coverage.

Events: Increase brand awareness by participating in national and international industry conferences.

Community: Increase investor involvement by holding meet-up events in various markets.

Exchange platforms: Organize promotional campaigns to introduce more investors/supporters and expand the investor community.

Q: A big concern of the community is western facing marketing efforts. Are there currently any plans to engage the western marketing front more heavily in the very near future?
A: Apart from the already mentioned strategies, we will be expanding our current marketing team. We will be introducing more western facing professional efforts. The management team will enhance the efforts of the marketing team in order to optimize the work flow to avoid any future incidents. We will also be improving our supervision mechanism to ensure the realization of this goal.

Waltonchain will be organizing events, such as meet-ups, in the western countries in 2018 to have a closer line of communication with our western supporters. This will help improve our brand awareness in the western countries.

Q: Do you have / are you planning any academic collaboration from China or from the west?
A: We have a research center supported by the Waltonchain team which collaborate with the Korea University and a number of Chinese universities (Huaqiao University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen University). We are also planning to collaborate with western academic organizations.

Q: Many people are worried about WTC’s current price and position in the market, and that we are losing rank daily, does the team share this worry, it was stated earlier that we would be a top 4 coin in a conference — when do you envision this happening?
A: We have taken notice of the current market trends, and given the diligent progress we have made in our blockchain development, partnerships, and government relations, we are confident in our future direction. We, as a deeply integrated IoT solution with many industrial links, are very excited about the future. We have a lot of great news coming.



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