Waltonchain Q4 2020 Work Progress


Cross-chain Center released. It supports child chain submission, cross-chain data query, SMN voting and review of information to be recorded on-chain.

WTCwallet 2.0 desktop supports mainnet WTC and WTA. It is compatible with Ethereum keyfiles, 64-bit private keys and 12-word mnemonics.

Blockchain Explorer 2.0 released: UI design was optimized comprehensively, WTC and WTA support was added, new APIs were developed, Ethereum and mainnet GMN addresses are tracked.

Buyback functionality was developed for WTA App.


Assistance in ASIC miner maintenance for the community


In Q4 2020, Walton Chain Foundation spent 1,974,000 WTC, where:

Token swap, events, KIRINPOOL and community rewards amounted for 900,000 WTC;

WTA buyback amounted for 74,000 WTC;

Server maintenance, software development and maintenance amounted for 500,000 WTC;

Human resources costs amounted for 500,000 WTC.

Business and Operations

Blockchain Explorer 2.0 Debug Bounty: 7 community contributors shared 5,000 WTA + 500 WTC

H2 2020 Community Q&A were released

957,000 WTA was bought back from SMN & GMN WTA Pre-mining participants

Token swap for SMN/GMN users: in Q4, no more SMNs joined the token swap (SMN token swap progress: 33%) and 19 GMNs joined the swap (GMN token swap progress: 38.8%)

ERC-20 WTC token burn progress: 61.7%.

ERC-20 WTC token swap progress: (43,121,172 (burned) + 516,676 (swapped in WTA App) + 2,312,092 (SMN/GMN swap)) / 70,000,000 = 65.6%.

WTA App total locked WTC: 2.4M (increase by 16% / 2.06M WTC over Q3).

WTA App hash rate: 22.67M units (increase by 10% / 20.7M units over Q3).

Work with CoinMarketCap to update mainnet WTC APIs and correct the mainnet WTC circulating supply.