Waltonchain Q2 2019 Work Progress


Fully Operational Waltonchain Mainnet released

Public Mining on the Fully Operational Waltonchain Mainnet

Completion of WTCT Network Miner Payout

Waltonchain team has already completed the miner payout for ALL unredeemed WTCT up to block #550,000 at the ratio of 1 mined WTCT : 1 ERC20 WTC. Waltonchain team will no longer perform miner payouts for WTCT mined after block #550,000. Please access your ERC20 WTC according to the instructions in the announcement.

Waltonchain Mainnet Open Source

KirinPool Fee Exemption for SMN, GMN and MN

Waltonchain Launches SMN Cross-chain Data Management System

Announcement on Waltonchain Mining Payout

Huodull Child Chain

DMCT Child Chain

Software: development of a centralized management system completed, software back-end data optimization ongoing



  • Consistency, high-low temperature, ESD, power range, sensitivity, FIB etc. testing completed; chip circuit design modification ongoing
  • Digital baseband FPGA verification; chip tape-out and sample testing; chip version 2 tape-out
  • RFID chip sample testing

Software + Hardware Integrated Projects

Batch 1 of 200 KIRINMINERs sold out and shipped; preparation for batch 2 optimization and manufacturing

Campus Information Verification System

System deployment completed; waiting for oracle database debugging and data docking with Neusoft

RFID Handheld Reader-Writer

  • 10 pcs patching completed; RD board debugging
  • Structural design optimization, 3D printing and assembly verification
  • Main board function verification and new screen driver optimization
  • Mainboard optimization and structural optimization

Blockchain Data Collection Terminal

  • Sample debugging completed
  • EMI testing completed
  • ZigBee and Bluetooth functions added
  • Installation and deployment completed in Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province, China

Walton Chain Foundation Expenses (Q2 2019)

BD & Operations

There are 7,787 autonomous community members, 9,029 social media followers and media coverage has reached 1,990,000 people since the start of the autonomous community program. The autonomous communities have 60+ original articles published, 3 websites constructed, 23 original videos released, 12 summit events participated and 6 potential partners contacted. With the help of global autonomous node managers, Waltonchain can convey the latest project progress and information to global users in a faster and more precise way.

6 New Partners:

1) Shougang LangzaTech

2) Neusoft Group


4) V Currency Group (Japan)

5) Blockcloud

6) IntelliShare (INE)

10 Patent Applications

Waltonchain System Architecture diagram released

Waltonchain Business Process diagram released

Waltonchain Appreciation Logic: Smart Retail released

Waltonchain’s First Global Smart Retail Application Child Chain DMTC Launched

Walton Chain Foundation and DMTC Foundation Token Exchange

Waltonchain and DMTC Parent-child Chain Token Exchange

SMN Reference Rewards distributed:

WTC trading gala on Huobi Global:

Huobi Chat Live AMA:

Binance Live AMA

Launch Ceremony of Waltonchain’s First Global Smart Retail Application Child Chain DMTC:

Joint Hosting of the Blockchain Mainstream Ecological Alliance Conference with IntelliShare:

Useful Links:

The official Medium account of Waltonchain. Website: https://www.waltonchain.org/en/. Chat: https://t.me/waltonchain_en.