Waltonchain July AMA — Business Questions

1. Q: What is the quickest way you can help me grow my business?

A: First, we need to understand your business situation and requirements to provide the corresponding solutions. The ultimate goal of Waltonchain technology is to improve the efficiency of supply chain operation and reduce operating costs in various industries through the blockchain + IoT technology combined with Big Data analysis.

2. Q: Do you have plans for future exchange listings? I have heard rumors of a decentralized Waltonchain Exchange. Can you confirm or deny that? Also, on the question of Chinese regulation, are you in contact with regulators? What information can you share?

A: Waltonchain continuously works on getting listed on more exchanges. We will consider cooperating with quality decentralized exchanges. The exchange between child chain tokens and parent chain tokens (WTC) will be realized on a decentralized exchange. As for developing a decentralized exchange, it depends on the future industry situation.

3. Q: Will binance support WTC token swap?

A: We will negotiate the token swap with the major exchanges where WTC is listed. The final exchange list will be provided in the Token Swap Notice.

4. Q: Several smart cities are going to be set up by Alibaba/cloud in Asia, for example the smart city in Macau and Kuala Lumpur. Is the Waltonchain blockchain involved by every smart city deal that Alibaba cloud have?

A: Please wait patiently for the official news on cooperation with Alicloud.

5. Q: If we have an idea for a child chain how do we go about starting it? Who do we contact? What is the basic process?

A: Please contact us by email at business@waltonchain.org. Our manager will follow up your inquiry.

6. Q: Waltonchain is doing amazing work in securing business partnerships, is it possible that we can get “”3rd party validation”” by getting our partners to publish the partnership on their social media platforms?”

A: It is possible, but depends on the media publicity strategy of each partner. Unlike the blockchain industry, traditional industry representatives don’t necessarily take their partners’ information seriously. However, we seek for confirmation by our partner or a third party before every partnership announcement.

7. Q: According to your June roadmap, the Ishijah pilot store and Kaltendin management system should be completed. Why is there no update regarding these two developments, even if it is delayed?

A: We announced news on cooperation with Kaldentin at the conference on July 5th. As mentioned in an update on completion status of the Q2 plan in late June, ISHIJAH pilot store has been completed and will be opened in July. Please see our official Twitter for details.

8. Q: Hi, Team. Instead of picturing how large Waltonchain will be in the future, can you thoroughly explains how many transactions and values are going to be transacted in the smart city application alone by using estimated figures? Thanks.

A: The Smart City application of Waltonchain is our future development focus. At present, we cannot provide any estimated data.

9. Q: Are you open to development of child chains by third parties in the West to cover specific business cases?

A: As a project developing globally, Waltonchain is certainly willing to accept third-party child chain projects from all over the world. At present, we have established a professional team to take charge of the incubation and development of child chain projects. We also welcome Waltonchain supporters to recommend quality child chain projects.

10. Q: Do you have an estimate of where your main holders (eg. GMNs) reside? Based on the block explorer statistics it appears that the vast majority of nodes runs in western countries. Doesn’t it make sense to appoint an native English-speaking representative to interface with the community?”

A: The Waltonchain team already has an English-speking representative who will later join the community to interact with our supporters.

11. Q: Is there any association between the Walton Family /Walmart Company and Waltonchain?

A: Waltonchain has no business connection with Wal-Mart at present. There may be cooperation in the future.

12. Q: How could I apply for Waltonchain’s RFID/Blockchain solution if I want to implement it while my company is in the early stages of its development?

A: Please contact us by email at business@waltonchain.org. Our manager will follow up your inquiry.

13. Q: What will you do to attract institutional investors or funds?

A: We keep accelerating the implementation of blockchain applications and recently released the Waltonchain SMN Program to attract investors’ attention.

14. Q: Have you thought of opening a Walton office or blockchain institute in Nigeria (my country) to serve the whole of Africa?

A: Waltonchain hopes to provide global services to its customers around the world in the future. However, at present, we have no plan for a subsidiary in the African market. We will consider the future development situation in the region for possibilities.

15. Q: Is there a model developed to protect the value of WTC tokens against a potential BTC crash or crypto meltdown? How can WTC holders be more protected of their investment into WaltonChain versus BTC?

A: As the use of WTC becomes more and more extensive, it’s going to be less affected by BTC.

16. Q: Do you see yourselves as a core competitor to IOTA? Do you see Waltonchain overtaking IOTA in the future and why?

A: IOTA is an excellent blockchain project with its own direction. Moreover, blockchain is a large market that allows our own development space. Waltonchain will build the blockchain market together with our industry peers. At the same time, our mission has always been provision of the most complete global blockchain + IoT solutions.




The official Medium account of Waltonchain. Website: https://www.waltonchain.org/en/. Chat: https://t.me/waltonchain_en.

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The official Medium account of Waltonchain. Website: https://www.waltonchain.org/en/. Chat: https://t.me/waltonchain_en.

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