Waltonchain Global Autonomous Node Manager Recruitment Program

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(The Program trial operation term shall be 1 month after the publication. The Program may be amended according to the community feedback and launched officially after the amendment)


In December 2018, Waltonchain mentioned in A Letter to Waltonchain Supporters that one of its major directions for 2019 is comprehensive promotion of global community autonomy. To ensure the orderly, fair and open implementation of community autonomy, Walton Chain Foundation hereby releases Waltonchain Global Autonomous Node Manager Recruitment Program.


This Waltonchain global community manager recruitment program aims to promote more efficient development of the Waltonchain ecosystem while rewarding outstanding project supporters and operators. With the help of global community managers, Waltonchain can reach users around the world faster and more accurately, and communicate latest project progress and information to the whole world.

I. Autonomous Nodes

1. What is an Autonomous Node?

Waltonchain plans to recruit global Autonomous Node Managers all over the world. An applicant for Autonomous Node Manager needs to build an Autonomous Node — an active regional online community of 150+ members, continuously maintain the community and keep it active, regularly plan and hold local Waltonchain Meetups, participate in the Waltonchain ecosystem promotion and construction, including child chain customer development and servicing, and expansion of local government, media and industry resources etc. Communities can be divided into the following three categories according to their size:

Waltonchain plans to recruit 50 Autonomous Nodes globally. Master Nodes have application priority.

2. Autonomous Node Rights

1) Monthly funding of up to 1000 WTC;

2) A right to apply for financial support, souvenirs and promotional materials from Walton Chain Foundation for local community and industry meetups;

3) A right to carry out local sponsored Waltonchain promotion activities in cooperation with local government, non-profit organizations and media in the name of Waltonchain after obtaining authorization from Walton Chain Foundation;

4) A pre-emption right and discount for products (miners, wallets, traceability products) on Waltonchain online store. Discount specifics will be announced separately;

5) A right to compete for quarterly Special Contribution Reward of up to 3000 WTC;

6) After a region has been developed to a certain scale, its manager can apply for a local office to drive promotion in the name of Waltonchain. After approval by Walton Chain Foundation, an office may receive extra 1000 WTC monthly support;

7) A right to recommend an outstanding child chain or partner enterprise to the Waltonchain team and receive a reward of up to 5000 WTC. If a project contract is signed, the reward shall be provided proportionally to the contract value;

8) Walton Chain Foundation will evaluate the promotion effect of global publicity activities, original videos/posters/articles quarterly and provide a reward of up to 1000 WTC to authors of outstanding works.

3. Autonomous Node Work Requirements

Communities of different type have to meet the corresponding community maintenance indicators in terms of social media and ecosystem promotion. Refer to the details below:


1. Online community:

An Autonomous Node Manager can build communities on popular local social platforms. Communities can be divided into two types:

1) groups such as Telegram, Facebook Group, Slack, WeChat Group;

2) pages such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo (China), Naver (Korea).

2. Community maintenance:

After a community is established, its manager needs to keep an active atmosphere in it on a daily basis, discuss relevant trends in the blockchain industry, improve the quality of the community, remove spammers and ads in a timely manner, answer community questions, and maintain the brand image of Waltonchain. Each community has to meet the respective daily discussion, daily active users and daily topics requirements.

3. Social media promotion:

In addition to community maintenance, the manager also needs to develop other media channels, independently or in cooperation with Waltonchain. The manager needs to forward the official project updates to the community in a timely manner, regularly plan and organize offline meetups for local Waltonchain fans, and create original videos or post original articles on self-media or other media channels.

4. Ecosystem promotion:

Community managers or members can get extra rewards by recommending outstanding child chains and partner enterprises. The rewards shall be provided to the respective reference person after successful recommendation (includes reaching out to the partner’s contact person and project manager, discussion of cooperation intention, filling out the Client Data Sheet, translation of the respective Waltonchain business materials, maintaining communication with the partner, contract signing and contract payment reception by Waltonchain).

4. How to Establish an Autonomous Node?

1. From January 31, 2019, any Waltonchain community member can send your application email including below detail to the official Waltonchain Info email gan@waltonchain.org.

Name/Community Avatar:



Type of community platform:

Contact details:

2. After the approval, Waltonchain will publish the manager information on its official Twitter page. After a community is established, the manager shall have to invite official supervisors and Waltonchain operations team to the community;

3. An overseas community manager shall have to guide its community members to follow the official Twitter and Telegram of Waltonchain. A manager of a Chinese-speaking region shall have to guide its community members to follow Waltonchain’s public accounts in Weibo and WeChat;

4. A manager shall have to submit a monthly work report in PowerPoint format to the official email gan@waltonchain.org before the 5th day of the following month. Walton Chain Foundation shall grade a manager according to the report and its supervision and evaluation results, confirm the manager’s qualification and provide an autonomous node subsidy before the 15th day of each month.

5. According to monthly reports, as well as supervision and evaluation results of the Autonomous Node Managers’ achievements and community creative work, Walton Chain Foundation shall provide additional rewards in the form of Quarterly Special Contribution Award and Quarterly Outstanding Creativity Award.

II Funding and Selection Mechanism

  1. Funding Types

Note: The number of community members shall be the number on the last day of the month. The community manager shall provide a screenshot of the number in the monthly report.

2. Monthly Work Report Requirements

A manager shall have to submit a monthly work report in PowerPoint format to the official email gan@waltonchain.org before the 5th day of the following month. The report shall include the summary of community maintenance, social media and ecosystem promotion work, relevant suggestions and industry trends.

(1) If a local community has special indicators, its manager may discuss them with the Walton Chain Foundation and use them after the official approval.

(2) If a manager fails to submit a monthly report or fails to fulfill the respective Autonomous Node requirements, it shall be deemed an automatic waiver of the manager subsidy for the respective month. If a manager fails to meet the requirements for three consecutive months, it shall be deemed an automatic waiver of the manager identity. After negotiation, the manager identity may be transferred to other active users of the community or the Foundation.

3. Supervision and Evaluation Basis

At the beginning of each month, the Foundation shall collect work reports for the previous month from Autonomous Node Managers, check the actual indicator fulfillment and send rewards to the managers whose work met the requirements.

4. Quarterly Special Contribution Award

This award may be given to:

(1) A community with the biggest number of child chain or cooperation recommendations within one quarter;

(2) A community with the highest publicity efficiency within one quarter;

(3) The biggest community to fulfill the community type requirements within one quarter.

5. Excellent Work Selection Rules

(1) All works associated with Waltonchain or WTC (including articles, pictures, videos) published on social media shall be eligible for selection;

(2) Walton Chain Foundation will announce the details of selection rules separately.

III Notes

(1) Walton Chain Foundation shall reserve the right of final interpretation of this Program.

(2) Due to the floating market value of WTC, before the end of each running natural month, the Foundation shall have the right to adjust and announce reward amounts and specific community requirements for the next natural month.

(3) In case of policy changes or other irresistible factors, the Foundation may cancel this Program.

(4) A user may only be counted as a number of one single community. A community may not be split. If the Foundation finds out malicious splitting or repeated counting in different communities, it shall have the right to cancel the qualification of the violator communities. Buying followers or flooding shall be deemed inappropriate behavior.

(5) The Foundation shall have the right to disqualify a community manager and hold him/her legally liable if he/she causes adverse effects on the community, damages the rights and interests of users in the community, and conducts illegal activities in the name of Waltonchain or actions detrimental to Waltonchain’s reputation.

Useful Links:

The official Medium account of Waltonchain. Website: https://www.waltonchain.org/en/. Chat: https://t.me/waltonchain_en.