Waltonchain Attended Huobi · Central Crypto Summit and Trading Executive Program

On May 19, 2018, Waltonchain was invited to participate in the Huobi · Central Crypto Summit and Trading Executive Program organized by Huobi at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. At the summit, Waltonchain was officially appointed the consultant unit of Huobi Business School, and Waltonchain CSO Welson Wong was appointed its consultant. On the same day, Welson held a training session on the blockchain technology and its applications for the present senior executives in the traditional financial industry.

Waltonchain CSO Welson Wong was awarded the Huobi Business School Consultant Certificate

Although the traditional financial quantitative trading technique has matured in recent years, the cryptocurrency market has obvious advantages in the quantitative field and has attracted great attention. The parent company of the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq have announced that they will create or are creating cryptocurrency exchanges.

Hong Kong is the third largest financial center in the world. The summit was held here and brought together a number of heavyweight quantitative asset trading experts, hedge fund and investment industry giants and a number of financial community celebrities from Hong Kong. The Executive Vice President of Huobi Business School William Bu and the Secretary General Li Bei explained the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency market opportunities for investors and high-net-worth individuals from a professional quantitative perspective and the angle of traditional finance.


Huobi.com is the world’s fourth largest cryptocurrency exchange. Since its establishment in 2013, the total number of users has reached several million. As of December last year, the total transaction volume exceeded USD 850 billion (£634bn, €723bn).

Huobi Business School:

Huobi Business School focuses on training cryptocurrency trading specialists and finance professionals. It will conduct research and give lectures and consultations on the blockchain technology, quantitative techniques and business application scenarios.

Summit venue

At the Huobi Business School opening ceremony, Waltonchain was officially appointed the consultant unit and CSO Welson Wong the School’s consultant. Afterwards, Waltonchain CSO Welson Wong also gave a detailed explanation of the blockchain technology application in the IoT industry to a number of senior executives in the traditional financial industry and elaborated on the core competitive advantages of Waltonchain.

Waltonchain CSO Welson Wong said: “The market capital of Waltonchain is not yet ranked first in the global blockchain + IoT market rankings, because our team unanimously focuses on the development, innovation and application of the underlying blockchain technology. There are many users who still do not really understand our value. We firmly believe that in the future when more and more people realize that Waltonchain will combine the RFID chip and blockchain technologies with its own strong combination of hardware and software, and will provide the world with the only and most complete solution in the blockchain + IoT field together with its global trusted digital ecosystem, Waltoncoin will become the world’s top four cryptocurrency!”

Waltonchain CSO Welson Wong’s interview at the Summit

Although blockchain has developed rapidly around the world in recent years, it is still in an early stage of growth and requires people from all walks of life to work together to promote its development. The Crypto Summit and Trading Executive Program has deepened the understanding and awareness of traditional financial industry executives in the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency, and further promoted the traditional financial industry and blockchain technology, the combination of which has far-reaching strategic significance.

As a global leader in blockchain + IoT, Waltonchain has been committed to promoting the application and development of the blockchain technology in various industries around the world, composing a new chapter for global business models and human life. The invitation to attend the Huobi Central Crypto Summit and Trading Executive Program and appointment as a consultant unit for Huobi Business School is another important step in Waltonchain’s expansion and deepening of its global presence, as well as one important step toward our goal of building the №1 blockchain project to realize real-world implementation.

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