Waltonchain 2023 Roadmap

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Before 2022, Waltonchain Mainnet performed slow-paced expansion and introduced performance and underlying-framework upgrades. The Waltonchain dev team also started drafting a Layer 2 upgrade plan. In late 2022, the data processing burden of the basic layer was eased by moving a part of it from mainnet to Layer 2. The launch of WTA Smart Chain improved the scalability of the whole Waltonchain blockchain network.

The expansion through WTA Smart Chain changes neither the blockchain protocol itself, nor any decentralization/safety features of the Waltonchain mainnet. Meanwhile, hash rate sharing allows for new functions and a boost in performance. Users no longer have to trade off safety for performance or vice versa, because both are ensured. WTA Smart Chain offers a low-fee high-speed platform for trading, swaps, liquidity provision, and payments, all without sacrificing the safety of Waltonchain mainnet.

We’ve been pursuing a digital economy where users are empowered and fully control their assets. To achieve it, we need a better system. We need a credible environment that brings more accessibility, transparency and freedom to users through the free public infrastructure.

WTA Smart Chain will drive the industry innovation aiming to expand the scale of use, offer users free-of-charge blockchain facilities, lower the entry barrier and encourage wider adoption of the blockchain technology and DeFi applications. This will promote the establishment of a more inclusive and democratic financial system where individuals and organizations will be able to access a wider range of financial services and applications regardless of their location, wealth, etc. factors.

Its tools will embrace services from token minting & sending, smart-contract collection and return of funds, and calling wallets for secure storage of digital assets to a DApp building and deployment platform and then a DeFi infrastructure for trading and transaction verification. The DeFi ecosystem will include three major components: a DEX, unit of account, and lending platform. We build these core DeFi modules as a free-of-charge infrastructure of the WTA Smart Chain ecosystem. The ecosystem’s DEX will undergo no upgrades and remain ungoverned. It will run indefinitely in the ecosystem. $WTA will be used to pay the gas fees.

In the future, the WTC + WTA ecosystem will invest heavily in innovation and research, use blockchain to create a decentralized platform for AI and cloud rendering services and explore the potential of blockchain in digital rights.

On WTA Smart Chain, Waltonchain plans to develop AI algorithms and tools that can be used in health care, finance, e-commerce, etc. industries. We want to create partnerships with players in these industries to provide them with customized AI solutions that will improve their operations and generate new revenue streams.

Cloud rendering: building of a cloud rendering platform that can handle high-end tasks for animation and game companies. Provision of flexible pricing options suitable for companies of different sizes with different demands. Partnering with major animation studios, providing them with exclusive access rights on the platform, training their teams and provision of support.

The digital individual & property rights platform based on AI and cloud rendering will allow artists, musicians and content creators to use blockchain to register and protect their digital creations. It will also provide them with tools to monetize their work through licensing, sales and auctions.

To sum up, this strategy focuses on building a comprehensive ecosystem that provides solutions and services to companies and creators from various industries. The goal is to create reliable, scalable and profitable operations that can thrive in a rapidly evolving tech environment.




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