The summary for Waltonchain Annual Meeting — Blockchain Application Trends Forum themed “IoT Revolution, Common Future in the Chip Era”

On Jan. 28, 2018, Waltonchain Annual Meeting — Blockchain Application Trends Forum themed “IoT Revolution, Common Future in the Chip Era” was successfully held in Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shenzhen.

A small part of big Waltonchain family

This year’s Forum was a grand event. We invited China Mobile Shenzhen Deputy GM Zhao Liang, famous sports brand company Quanzhou SEPTWOVLES Sport Board Chairman Wu Hongda, KALTENDIN Fashion Board Chairman Yan Xiaoqian, BTC Hong Kong International CEO Yang Jianjun, USA Silicon Valley resident Mobius COO & Co-Founder Cyrus Khajvandi, Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute President & Doctor of information science Gong Jongyeol and other honored guests in the area of blockchain and IoT from all over the world together with domestic and foreign supporters of Waltonchain. Apart from the total of about 200 guests, news media who pay attention to the development of Waltonchain also visited the venue. Together we can think of a bright future for Waltonchain!

Representatives of leading global blockchain & IoT companies from all over the world gathered at the forum

As you all know, this year’s event is not only the summary and celebration of what Waltonchain achieved in 2017, but also a platform for deep communication and cooperation between experts, partners, as well as supporters of Waltonchain.

Speech from Waltonchain core leaders

During the meeting, our CEO Mo Bing, CTO Wei Songjie, COO Chen Zhangrong discussed the current status and future of Waltonchain, the progress and industry application of Waltonchain blockchain technology, and also the challenges and opportunities of Waltonchain.

Media interview

If blockchain is the new celebrity of the financial sector, then Waltonchain certainly is a new dazzling star in the blockchain industry!

Professor Wei Songjie at the Awarding Ceremony

At this conference, Waltonchain focused on the outstanding achievements in the blockchain industry during the past year. We got the approval of the experts and scientists in the industry, were honored by Shenzhen M&A Association of Listed Companies: Waltonchain blockchain CTO Wei Songjie became the Association’s special advisor on blockchain.

Waltonchain signed a cooperation agreement with Card Cube Group

We thank Waltonchain supporters and industry leaders for coming! We will witness the success of Waltonchain together. At the meeting we officially signed seven strategic cooperation agreements: with Card Cube Group, Sensor Techology (NIDS) (Korea), KALTENDIN Fashion, Yunshang Huaxia Trade Co., Ltd, USA Silicon Valley resident Mobius, Fanfangxiang Culture Communications Co., Ltd., JU&KE Creative Studio (Europe), respectively.

Waltonchain signed a cooperation agreement with NIDS

This signing not only marks our core technological advantages, but also shows that Waltonchain has been widely recognized by international users. It is an important milestone for the strategic layout of the globalization and practical application of Waltonchain.

Waltonchain new brand image

It is worth mentioning that at this Meeting Waltonchain unveiled its new brand image. Soon after, we will launch a new multi-language version of the official website, as well as a comprehensive update of the Waltonchain community image.

The conference set up a forum session with two topics.

China Mobile Shenzhen Deputy GM Zhao Liang acknowledged the technical strength of Waltonchain

Waltonchain CTO Wei Songjie, South Korea Coinnest trading platform representative Xander Kim, China Mobile Shenzhen Deputy GM Zhao Liang, JU&KE co-founders Julien Gueuning and Christophe Branchu and BTC Hong Kong International CEO Yang Jianjun participated in discussion of the first forum topic titled “The Outlook & Thoughts on the Future Blockchain Application”. Mr. Zhao expressed that China Mobile is in the stage of rapid business expansion and seeks high-level partners all over the world. They have seen the high technical strength of Waltonchain and are very optimistic about the performance of Waltonchain in 2018. Mr. Kim stated that since Waltonchain was listed in South Korea, it has rapidly surpassed many local competitors and has become one of the most popular blockchain projects. What concerns the support of Waltonchain, Mr. Wei said that, although Waltonchain has achieved fruitful results, there still is a long way to go to realize the Value IoT. We welcome more peers to join us in bringing the safety and convenience of blockchain to human life.

The discussion on Value IoT

The second forum topic was “The discussion on Value Internet of Things” where Waltonchain CEO Mo Bing, Mobius co-founder & COO Cyrus Khajvandi, member of the MEMS expert group of the General Equipment Department of Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Professor of Nanjing University of Science and Technology Su Yan, Fanfangxiang Communications CMO Yang Kun, Technical Director of Liao Zhiqiang talked about the current problems in the Internet of Things industry, such as all kinds of information asymmetry, centralization, absence of trust etc., and also about how the emergence of blockchain technology will bring the colossal changes to the world.

Doctor Gong Jongyeol expressed his congratulations to Waltonchain

At last, Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute President & Doctor of information science Gong Jongyeol expressed his best wishes to Waltonchain. He said that at present there are a lot of blockchain projects in South Korea, but Waltonchain managed to stand out within a short period. He also made a forecast that in the next five years, Waltonchain may become the only blockchain project in South Korea. The blockchain projects in South Korea and all over the world should learn from Waltonchain. At the same time, Mr. Gong announced that he and the founder of Korean Academy of Science and Technology Hwang Hakin will serve as Waltonchain’s consultants in Korea. It’s a great honor for Waltonchain!

Waltonchain management

2017 was the year of growth for Waltonchain, and 2018 is bound to be a harvest year. Waltonchain wishes to gather every supporter to set out for the new journey toward Waltonchain‘s Value IoT with hope and confidence for the future.

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