Waltonchain’s Buyback & Burn Round 001: Over USD 200,000

Rules of Waltonchain’s USD 50 Million WTC Long-term Buyback and Burn Round 001

Dear global Waltonchain supporters,

I. Current Round Buyback and Burn Amount

1. Buyback amount: Waltonchain team shall take out 50,000 TUSD from the sales income of KIRINMINER Batch 1 for draw buyback and inclusive buyback (the price for the two buyback types shall be the highest USD price of WTC at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/waltonchain/ during the buyback application period multiplied by 5 or 2, respectively). All the bought-back WTC shall be burnt.

II. Current Round Time

Round 001 buyback and burn shall start from August 15, 2019.

III. Current Round Buyback and Burn Rules

1. User Application for Buyback

3. Draw Buyback and Inclusive Buyback

3.1 Draw Buyback

4. All the WTC bought back in Round 001 shall be burnt.

IV. Notes

1. Please carefully check the Mall website address (https://kirinminer.waltymall.com), your deposit address on the Mall and amount before transfer. Stay alert to fraud!

V. Attachments

1. Average Increased Holdings

2. Number of Tags to Be Received by Users

Number of Tags = Average Increased Holdings × lg (2 × Average Increased Holdings) / 1500

3. Calculation and Determination Method of the Draw Buyback Tags

3.1 Draw Buyback Implementation

4. Inclusive Buyback

4.1 Inclusive Buyback Implementation

The official Medium account of Waltonchain. Website: https://www.waltonchain.org/en/. Chat: https://t.me/waltonchain_en.