On-site Review | the Opening Ceremony of Walton Blockchain Institute

On June 8, 2018, the opening ceremony of the Walton Blockchain Institute was held in Seoul. The Institute is solely founded by Waltonchain and is the first blockchain institute licensed by the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea. Many partners congratulated Waltonchain on this event, and it raised attention of the whole blockchain industry.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony during the Institute opening

More than 40 organizations and companies sent their flower baskets to congratulate Waltonchain, including: the Education Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Korea, Korea Blockchain Association, Korean Standards Association (KSA), SK Securities, Industrial Bank of Korea, Korea IoT Association, Korea Information and Communications Technology Association, Korea Association of Information and Telecommunication (KAIT), Korea Communications Commission, ETNEWS, LG Uplus, School of Venture of Hoseo University, famous US headhunting company Kelly Services, blockchain media the blockchain, Coinnest, Allbit, Freyrchain, etc.

Flower baskets at the venue
Congratulatary note

Waltonchain also received a congratulatory message from the Chinese Embassy in Korea

To Walton Blockchain Institute:

The establishment of your Institute represents a great success of the educational cooperation between China and South Korea. It is also an example of integration and development of the blockchain industry covering both technological innovation and personnel training.

We wish you achieve thriving development and contribute to the educational exchange and innovative development of the blockchain-related technologies between China and Korea.

The Education Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Korea

June 8, 2018

The official start of the opening ceremony

Speech by Mr. Shan Liang, Chairman of the Board of the Walton Blockchain Institute

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming. Blockchain technology, IoT, Big Data, AI and other emerging technologies serve as its core and gradually expand into all walks of life. We established the Walton Blockchain Institute to honor the concept of cultivating professional talents for the core technologies of the industrial revolution. The establishment and development of our Institute would not have been possible without the encouragement and support from all of you here. We hope to develop and promote the development of the blockchain technology and talent cultivation together.”

Chairman of the Board of the Walton Blockchain Institute, Mr. Shan Liang

Speech by President of the Walton Blockchain Institute, Mr. Kong Jongryul:

“Thank you for attending the opening ceremony of our Institute despite your busy schedule. With its distributed data storage technology and safety improvement, blockchain will be applied in various spheres including the financial industry. In the next 20 to 30 years of development, it will gradually replace the current mainstream distributed processing. Therefore talent training in the respective fields is of special importance. Walton Blockchain Institute aims to cultivate blockchain professionals, perform blockchain industrialization and commercialization research. We will train practical and professional abilities focusing on research and development. Our technical personnel training course lasts for 6 months and includes two stages: practical personnel and specialized personnel. The practical personnel training course includes the professional training and practical part. It is designed for students who want to be employed in the blockchain area. At the end of the course, students can proceed to get the specialized personnel training according to their personal needs. At the end of the specialized personnel training, a student will construct a real blockchain project system.”

President of the Walton Blockchain Institute, Mr. Kong Jongryul

Speech by Chairman of Korea Blockchain Association, Mr. Hyung Taegeun:

“It’s a great pleasure for me to be here today. The Institute established by Mr. Kong and all of the present members of Waltonchain is a project of great significance to Korea and even the world. The South Korean government started to regulate the blockchain field last year due to digital currency speculations. Although the Chinese government also put digital currency ICO under control, it is still very active in promoting and encouraging the blockchain technology development and innovation. Japan and the US have also implemented relevant measures to revitalize blockchain. I regret that South Korea still doesn’t see digital currencies and blockchain as parts of a whole and hasn’t introduced measures to promote the blockchain business development. This is why the Walton Blockchain Institute certified by the Ministry of Science and ICT is so important for all of us.”

Chairman of Korea Blockchain Association, Mr. Hyung Taegeun

Speech by Executive Director of Korean Standards Association, Mr. Lim Hyeoncheol:

“It’s a great pleasure to witness the opening ceremony of the Institute with all of you and to sign the memorandum of understanding with Walton Blockchain Institute. As the standard service provider for development and innovation in various industries, our Association joins hands with Walton Blockchain Institute to cooperate on personnel training, qualification certification and government public services to make a common positive contribution to the promotion of blockchain technical personnel education and business development.”

Executive Director of Korean Standards Association, Mr. Lim Hyeoncheol
MOU signing ceremony between Korean Standards Association and Walton Blockchain Institute

Speech by Waltonchain CEO, Mr. Mo Bing:

“Blockchain technology is well-recognized as an emerging technology in the world. It is regarded as one of the core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Korea and has been introduced into China’s Industry 4.0 plan. Therefore, training of blockchain talents plays an important role in strengthening the blockchain technology development. Opening of the Walton Blockchain Institute is significant for Korea taking the global leading position in the blockchain field. In the future, we will make it the basis and starting point to actively expand blockchain education to China and other Asian countries and gradually spread it across the whole world.”

Speech by Waltonchain CEO, Mr. Mo Bing

With the help of Walton Blockchain Institute, Waltonchain hopes to activate blockchain-related industries, cultivate blockchain personnel in the strong IT power of Korea and export manpower and creativity to the Asian and global market. This move will greatly promote the healthy and sustainable development of blockchain and is of great significance for the construction of a safe and reliable business ecosystem of Waltonchain.

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