KiWa NFT Mystery Box for Waltonchain Community: Round 3

A 140,000 WTC draw for WTA & WTC holders

2 min readJan 21, 2022

1. Time: 15:00 (UTC+8) January 24, 2022

2. Rules:

A. Win 2000 WTC using your WTC & WTA:

Users can get 1 mystery box for 200 WTC or 140 WTC + 1,000 WTA. The more mystery boxes you get, the higher your chances for bigger prizes.

A total of 1,000 NFT Mystery Boxes is available. First come first served.

Three Grades of NFT Mystery Boxes are available: Morandi Purple, Morandi Green and Morandi Blue. Each Grade qualifies for varying WTC prizes:

Morandi Purple: 2,000 WTC;

Morandi Green: 200 WTC;

Morandi Blue: 40 WTC.

Note: KiWa Jackpot is not available in this round.

B. Collect KiWa in 9 colors to win 3000 WTC Super Prize:

When you collect KiWa in 9 colors, you can exchange them into 3,000 WTC (equivalent of about 1 ETH).

You can boost your prize x2 with KiWa Jackpot.

3. How to participate

A. Retweet the event tweet;

B. On the event website, connect the wallet where you keep your WTA/WTC, e.g., MetaMask, TokenPocket or other wallet you can add Waltonchain network to;

C. After you authorize multiples of 200WTC or 140 WTC + 1,000 WTA, you can get the respective number of KiWa NFT Mystery Box draws;

D. When you collect KiWa in 9 colors, you can exchange them once into 3,000 WTC (equivalent of about 1 ETH);

E. You can boost your prize x2 with KiWa Jackpot;

F. All exchanged KiWa NFTs will be burned.

We wish everyone luck in 2022!

4. Notes:

A. Please retweet the event tweet;

B. One address can be linked to many KiWa NFT Mystery Boxes;

C. Waltonchain team and admins will never contact you first regarding your wallets, assets or accounts.

D. For any inquiries, please contact Waltonchain team: