KiWa NFT Mystery Box for Waltonchain Community

  1. Time: 15:00 (UTC+8) August 30, 2021
  2. Rules:

A. WTA holders can share 20,000 WTC

Any WTA holder can get 1 KiWa Mystery Box for 1,000 WTA. In Round 1, a total of 1,000 KiWa NFT Mystery Boxes is available. First come first served.

In Round 1, KiWa NFT Mystery Boxes have 3 Grades: Purple, Blue and Green. Each Grade qualifies for varying WTC prizes:

Purple KiWa: 100 WTC (5% probability);

Blue KiWa: 50 WTC (15% probability);

Green KiWa: 10 WTC (80% probability);

B. When you collect KiWa Mystery Boxes of 3 different colors, you can have a jackpot

To be eligible for KiWa jackpot, retweet the event announcement, collect one Purple, one Blue and one Green KiWa Mystery Box, and do not open them.

KiWa jackpot options: additional 10 WTC in this round or ×2 rewards after all rounds!

C. Collect KiWa in 9 colors to win ETH Super KiWa

In Rounds 2 and 3, KiWa will be offered in more colors. Users who collect all colors have a chance to win 1 ETH (Mystery Box redemption will happen before all rounds end). KiWa jackpot winners can enjoy double rewards.

3. How to participate

A. Retweet the event tweet

B. Connect the wallet where you keep your WTA (MetaMask, TokenPocket etc. on which users can add WTC mainnet network ) on the event website

C. Get KiWa NFT Mystery Boxes at 1,000 WTA per piece

D. You can exchange KiWa Mystery Boxes of different colors to WTC. When you exchange the Mystery Boxes to WTC, you forfeit your Mystery Boxes.

E. Collect KiWa Mystery Boxes of 3 colors for KiWa jackpot. When you have KiWa jackpot, you keep the NFTs.


All KiWa NFTs (including jackpot) can be exchanged to WTC only once. If you exchange an NFT in this round, you cannot join next rounds. Keep your NFTs safe.

You can claim KiWa jackpot with any 3 KiWa NFTs of different color. When you have KiWa jackpot, you keep the NFTs, can join next rounds, and can exchange the NFTs to WTC.

4. Reminders

A. Retweet the event tweet;

B. One address can be linked to many KiWa NFT Mystery Boxes;

C. You can claim KiWa jackpot for any 3 KiWa NFTs of different color;

D. More rewards will be offered in Rounds 2 and 3. If you want to join all rounds to claim and exchange prizes, please keep your KiWa NFTs safe.

E. Waltonchain team and admins will never contact you first regarding your wallets, assets or accounts;

F. For any inquiries, please contact Waltonchain team:


Telegram: @Waltonchain_official




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