Answers to Waltonchain Community Questions — November 2018

1. Q: In early March it was announced that subsidiary of Waltonchain- IOT Technology has signed a partnership and purchase agreement with Xiamen Ishijah Trading Co. It was pointed out that in July is expected the first Ishijah pilot store . From then we haven’t heard about this pilot store and how Waltonchain blockchain will be used. Can you update us for the development and the timeline?

2. Q: On Sept. 5th Waltonchain signed partnership with Dongdaemun Fashion Town. The Medium article says: “The implementation of Waltonchain’s Blockchain + RFID solution in Dongdaemun Fashion Town is the first application use case of blockchain technology in fashion logistics and retail industry within South Korea”. At the same time, Dongdaemun is working on their own blockchain and Waltonchain will help with the technical support.

- Can you give more details about how exactly Waltonchain ecosystem will be used or DDM will just use the RFID chips and write the data on their blockchain?

- In case DDM use only the RFID chips, how sales will benefit the token holders if it is not using our blockchain?

3. Q: Regarding whitepaper, please clarify PoL (proof of labor). Which is the entity that performs this (Masternodes, GMN, SMN?) and for which reason?

4. Q: What is the “labor” that needs to be performed? Also please clarify this task in relation to PoW that is performed on mainnet by miners. e.g. can one GMN both do mining PoW and PoL? If yes, using same software, computer, IP address? Last, since you also introduced PoS in the mainnet layer, will this done by the wallet miner?

5. Q: Could you give a target date for the token swap (approximately: months, quarter, next year)?

6. Another question that oughts to be clarified, especially after recent internal reorganization and in view of token swap is token distribution.

7. Q: There are some community assumptions (guesses) that the token swap may happen after child chains synchronization. Is this correct guess? And if yes, could you give more details and some timeframe?

8. Q: In the whitepaper is mentioned Global eSolutions Group as partner. But searching Google, it gives two possible companies with the name “Global eSolutions”. Can you please use links to the companies sites when you announce partnerships in order to prevent misunderstandings, speculations and FUD.

9. Q: When can we see the burn address for the token refund?

10. Q: What is your solution to the unpredictable fee model? Currently, unpredictable (and sometimes very large) fees are associated with every transaction. How will you make income predictable and consistent, and allow apps to budget effectively? I would suggest a subscription model like AWS.

Q: By using a parent/child chain system, horizontal scaling is achieved, but at the cost of reducing the node count per child chain. This is because parent chain nodes don’t participate in a child chain’s consensus. Have you considered blockchain virtualization that would allow for horizontal scaling without compromising security or decentralization, and allow child chains to benefit from the common nodes of the network? Vertical scaling is as important as horizontal scaling. How many TPS for the parent chain or its child chains do you foresee achieving and how? For example, one method for high TPS would be to randomly select a committee of nodes (perhaps 21) from the entire network to participate in consensus. This would maintain the security-level of thousands of nodes, but with the speed of EOS. Could something like this be implemented into the current Parent Chain?

Q: Do you plan to have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for apps?

Q: Will the Waltonchain blockchain be open and permissionless?

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