Announcement on Waltymall Service Termination and WTC Withdrawal

Dear Waltymall users,

In order to integrate various services of Waltymall ( into the Waltonchain ecosystem, Waltymall services will be terminated on April 30, 2020. In the future, product sales and buyback events related to the Waltonchain ecosystem will be conducted in WTA app or on exchange platforms.

Please withdraw WTC from your Waltymall account to addresses that support mainnet WTC before April 30, 2020. For WTC withdrawal after this date, please send an email to for help.

Currently, the following platforms, wallets and apps support mainnet WTC:



Bithumb (

Binance (

Bitcoin Meester (

KuCoin (

Ronance (

HitBTC (

Huobi (


Bamboo Wallet hardware wallet (only the latest firmware v1.2:

WTCwallet (

Ellipal Titan hardware wallet (


Metamask ( only with added custom token for mainnet WTC:

WTA App (


1. DO NOT withdraw WTC from Waltymall to ERC-20 addresses; otherwise, your WTC assets will be lost. The resulting loss shall be borne by oneself;

2. In no case will Waltonchain ask for your wallet and private key information first. Stay alert to fraud!

3. To ensure the safety of your WTC, we ask all users to follow official announcements only and DO NOT trust any unofficial sources.

Waltonchain Team

April 20, 2020



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