Announcement on Launch of Waltonchain’s Decentralized Mobile Wallet

Dear global Waltonchain supporters,

Waltonchain’s decentralized mobile wallet (Waltonchain app) is ready and launches on April 27, 2020. The wallet currently supports the functions related to mainnet WTC and WTA, including:

1. Import of an existing address by private key or mnemonic phrase;

2. Creation of a new Waltonchain mainnet address (WTC and WTA are supported);

3. Export of private key or mnemonic phrase;

4. WTC and WTA transfer.

Download links:

App Store:

Google Play (Android 8.0 or above):


1. Waltonchain app does not save your private key or mnemonic phrase. Please keep your private key or mnemonic phrase safe and DO NOT disclose them to other people;

2. In no case will Waltonchain ask for your wallet and private key / mnemonic phrase information first. Stay alert to fraud!

3. To ensure the safety of your assets, we ask all users to follow official announcements only and DO NOT trust any unofficial sources.

Waltonchain Team

April 27, 2020

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