Waltonchain mainnet Explorer https://waltonchain.pro/#/home has updated.

Update log:

1. Contract query added;

2. Pending transaction query added;

3. The list of GMNs on Waltonchain network updated.

GMN addresses that completed the token swap are added manually. If you are a GMN holder on Waltonchain network and don’t see your address on the list, please contact the team admins on Telegram: @Waltonchain_official or send an email to services@waltonchain.org

At 12:00 PM (UTC+8) on September 22, 2021, Waltonchain Team will perform a snapshot of addresses on Waltonchain mainnet. GMN addresses that have completed the token swap will receive GMN Airdrop 03 of 200 mainnet WTC coins. Addresses qualifying for this airdrop will be announced after the snapshot. Airdrop distribution is planned to be completed before September 28, 2021.

GMN address holders who haven’t joined the token swap yet can swap their WTC tokens before 12:00 PM (UTC+8) this Friday, September 17, 2021, and qualify for GMN airdrops. See details here: https://www.waltonchain.org/#/en/info/announceDetail?id=459

Dear Waltonchain users,

Along with the KiWa NFT Mystery Box series, in September 2021, Waltonchain will have a comprehensive mainnet upgrade to be able to carry more DApps and support new smart-contract use cases.

In the upcoming upgrade, Waltonchain mainnet will fork a part of geth EVM code to the gwct EVM and realize support for smart contracts compiled in Solidity 6.0 and above. This upgrade is another step towards completion of Waltonchain’s road map for 2021.

The technical team has already started the respective development. Estimated time to complete the development and testing and implement the upgrade: mid-October 2021.

Round 1: A 20,000 WTC draw for WTA holders

  1. Time: 15:00 (UTC+8) August 30, 2021
  2. Rules:

A. WTA holders can share 20,000 WTC

Any WTA holder can get 1 KiWa Mystery Box for 1,000 WTA. In Round 1, a total of 1,000 KiWa NFT Mystery Boxes is available. First come first served.

In Round 1, KiWa NFT Mystery Boxes…

F1soft, a Korean company specialized in AI-based smart-factory solutions and represented by Oh Shenghao, and Waltonchain, a Chinese-Korean IoT + blockchain platform operator represented by the International Market Director June Liu intend to cooperate on the joint usage of blockchain and AI to promote the smart-factory industry.

On August 23…

Dear global Waltonchain supporters,

Please be informed that at block №2,102,400 (estimated 06:00 AM UTC+8 on May 1, 2021), mining rewards on Waltonchain will be reduced.

Block reward formula:

1) for miner addresses with balance ≥5,000: (2.5 + 0.5) × 0.75 = 2.25

2) for miner addresses with balance <5,000: 2.5 × 0.75 = 1.875

The average block generation speed on Waltonchain remains the same, 30 ± 0.5 s/block.

Note: Waltonchain Team and our community admins will not contact you first in private messages/email regarding any information of your assets. Please stay alert to fraud/scam attempts!

Waltonchain Team

April 30, 2021

A Blockchain Publicity Hall Is Planned to Open in Yancheng China-Korea Industrial Park

Today, Waltonchain (represented by Do Sang Hyuk) and the blockchain technology R&D company MEDIUM (represented by Kim Panjong) have signed an agreement to develop the Chinese market together.

According to the agreement, MEDIUM will help boost the development of Waltonchain’s platform, assist Waltonchain in the development of the Light-Weight Blockchain…


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