⛔️⛔️⚠️WARNING!! ⚠️⛔️⛔️

Scammers impersonating team accounts!

DO NOT EVER give your personal details / passwords / pass phrase / keystore / private key to scammers that contact you posing as the team.

If Waltonchain Official contacts you out of the blue, check their @ username. If there is no @ username, but there is only a Bio starting with @, this is a scammer.

If you see their @ username, copy-paste it to any text editing app and switch all letters to CAPITAL . The most common trick is to change “L” and “i” letters. If you don’t see the correct @WALTONCHAIN_OFFICIAL, this is a scammer. Forward their messages to @notoscam and report them.

Waltonchain Team and our community admins will NEVER contact you first in private messages/email regarding any information of your WTC address.

For the safety of your WTC assets, please follow Waltonchain’s official Twitter and website for the latest announcements and news.

DO NOT trust any information from non-official sources.

Especially regarding app deposits and token swap!

- ALWAYS check groups in common. (A scammer is most likely already banned in the official groups)

- ALWAYS alert an admin.










Please stay alert to fraud / scam attempts!

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